Blogging Program

website screenshot

Screen shot of blog home page.

Skills Used

  • Web Programming (PHP & MySQL)


I began blogging in 2001 using static html pages that I updated daily by hand (before the days of Movable Type and Wordpress). In 2002, I decided to go dynamic.

What I did

I began teaching myself PHP and MySQL in order to build a dynamic blog that I could update via web interface. Starting with a basic blog, I've since added:

  • commenting system
  • registration and login
  • 5-tiered privacy system for posts and registered users with custom RSS feeds for each tier
  • categories/tags
  • archives organized by date and category

My code over the last several years has evolved to mimic aspects of commercial blogging systems. I've kept using and updating my own program because I learn by doing, and I enjoy using something I built myself.

This blog is something I built for fun, and was not associated with a class.

View the site: The Gospel According to Amy