Internet2 Navigation Redesign

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Wireframe of Information Architecture redesign

Skills Used


This was a semester long class project for an Information Architecture class. Our goal was to evaluate and re-design the architecture of website with appropriate usability methods and tools.

What we did

My group chose the Internet2 website because it contains a significant amount of information that was formerly organized in an ad-hoc manner due to a re-organization and division of responsibility for maintaining the website. For example, the "global navigation" of the site differed from area to area, creating a confusing experience for the user.

We performed a heuristic evaluation/user experience audit using the Rubinoff method of measuring branding, usability, functionality and content. From the audit, we learned that the navigational elements contributed significantly to the weakness of the site and decided to focus our redesign efforts there. We performed a card sort where participants organized 29 topics into clusters and provided labels for the clusters using their own vocabulary. A tree diagram was used to interpret the results of the card sort. In addition to these methods, we interviewed four people on their experience with the site. Finally, we used the data we had collected to design wireframes with a new information architecture.

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Final Report
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