Below are projects I have done in class, at work, and on my own. They are organized according to the most salient aspect of the project, but almost all contain elements of research, user testing, and design.

User Testing

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Evaluation of Systems & Services
Survey Course of Usability Evaluation Methods
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Internet 2
Evaluation and Information Architecture Redesign
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txt bus
Research and Design Project for the CHI 2007 Student Design Competition
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The Effects of Input Devices on Driving Tasks
User Testing and Statistical Data Analysis

User Research & Contextual Inquiry

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The Ann Arbor IT Zone
Understanding information flows in a local organization using contextual inquiry and user interviews
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Privacy on Facebook
Evaluation of the privacy aspects of Facebook through interviews and surveys

Interface Design

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Design of an email client to support user habits
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iTunes Redesign
Creative redesign of several features of iTunes
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Design of an apartment finder using a visualization
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Car Clock
Entire iterative design process with data analysis in 1 page report


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Pfizer Global Department Website
Website and CMS created for Global use on the Pfizer intranet.
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Blogging System
Blogging software I wrote using PHP and MySQL.
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Circle K Website
The dynamic website of a large community service organization.